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Portable Document Format (PDF) Papers

Here you can download a variety of documents in PDF format. Many of these are technical papers that I’ve found to be particularly excellent in the information they provide. And if I’ve made reference to a PDF in another part of this site you have another opportunity to download it here.

OECD Activated Sludge Inhibition. There are two documents that represent a “standard” when it comes to using repirometry or oxygen uptake rate (OUR) testing to evaluation inhibitory or toxicity effects from a specific chemical compound (any chemical compound). This one, from the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, is free.

There is a second document, another standard, from the ASTM International organization (a non-profit) called the “Standard Test Method for Inhibition of Respiration in Microbial Cultures in the Activated Sludge Process” for which you will have to pay a fee to download. For that reason I cannot provide the document for you. If you are serious about doing OUR testing you will want to have both documents.

The Science of Chemical Oxygen Demand. This is an informative document written by Wayne Boyles from Hach (www.hach.com) that does a nice job of explaining their COD test and how it is both similar to, and different from, five-day biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5) and total oranic carbon (TOC) measurements.

The Biological Basis of Wastewater Treatment is a very well written, highly informative, 20-page document written by Peter Spencer Davies B.Sc, Ph.D from Strathkelvin Instruments. I am not ashamed to admit that I have borrowed frequently from this superb piece of work.

Special Notice

For those of you who are involved with wastewater treatment plants in refineries I suggest you take a look at this absolute “must-read” paper. This gives such great insight into changes in wastewater plant operation due to refineries processing more and more “opportunity” crudes. Very insightful, very informative paper!!

Christiansen, John, Clifford R. Lange, and Paul M. Dyke. “What’s in the Crude? Investigating the Impact of Water-Soluble Organics in Upgraded Crude Oils on Refinery Wastewater Systems.”

Huchler, Loraine, P.E. “Is Your Cold Lime Softener Effective.” This 8-page PDF is the single best summary of cold lime softener operation that I’ve ever come across. It is just loaded with valuable, insightful information. If you have anything to do with cold lime softeners you need to download this PDF and memorize it. It’s that good. If you want to know even more, check out Loraine’s excellent “Influent Water Systems” textbook with details provided in the Water Books section.

The PDFs listed below are documents referenced at various locations throughout this site. They are listed here simply to make it easier to download in one place what you’ve seen in other places.

Activated Sludge Process Control Parameters

pH and Alkalinity chart/table

Filtration Spectrum

Literature Review of Temperature Effects in Biological Wastewater Treatment

Orbal (oxidation ditch) System brochure from Siemens Water Technologies

Oxidation Ditch Wastewater Technology Fact Sheet from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Antifoam Case Study - Athlon Solutions

Wet Gas Scrubber Case Study - Athlon Solutions